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Signs of an inclusive and forward-thinking employer

26 Jun 2023 By Huntress

An increasing number of companies are working on building diverse and inclusive workforces, with 47% of millennial job seekers actively looking for diversity and inclusion when sizing up their potential employers. (Deloitte).  

Companies that embrace inclusivity and foster diverse workforces tend to have a positive and progressive work environment and with that said we want to support you to identify signs of an inclusive and forward-thinking employer. 

Understanding their values: 

Research company's website, social media platforms, and job adverts to gain insight into their brand and values. Look for initiatives and policies that showcase their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, as these factors indicate what the company prioritises. 

What do their current employees think: 

Utilise resources like Glassdoor and LinkedIn to access honest perspectives from current employees about their experiences with the company as an employer. These platforms can provide valuable insights into the work environment and the organisation's efforts towards inclusivity.  

Additionally, explore the company's LinkedIn page to discover internal celebrations, activities, and employees' posts about their experiences. 

Ask questions in your interview: 

Take advantage of the interview process to ask questions and engage in conversations that allow you to better understand the employer. Most employers appreciate candidates who show interest and curiosity about their business. Pose questions related to internal committees, board representation, opportunities for career progression, employee benefits, and learning and development initiatives. Their responses will offer you valuable insights into the company's commitment to inclusivity. 

Learning and development (L&D): 

Evaluate the employer's views on learning and development, as this can be an indicator of their company culture and their dedication to the continuous growth and upskilling of their employees.  

According to a LinkedIn report, 26% of L&D leaders identified diversity and inclusion as their primary focus in 2022. High employee ratings of company culture are correlated with increased job satisfaction and recommendations to work at the organisation. 

Trust your instincts: 

During your interactions with the employer or company representatives, trust your instincts and evaluate whether the company's culture aligns with your values and if it fosters an inclusive environment where you can thrive. Pay attention to their responses, behaviour, and any red flags or positive signs that resonate with you. 

Talk to us: 

If you are seeking a new opportunity within a company that values an inclusive workforce, don't hesitate to get in touch. Our team can provide valuable insights and help you gather information about potential employers who prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Identifying an inclusive employer requires careful evaluation and research. By understanding their values, seeking feedback from current employees, asking relevant questions during interviews, considering their approach to learning and development, trusting your instincts, and seeking assistance when needed, you can make informed decisions and find a work environment that aligns with your vision of inclusion and personal growth.