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We are committed to educating ourselves and our efforts are primarily focused in the following areas whilst recognising their intersectionality.







Race and religion


Our ED&I group, together with our Senior Management Team, are a driving force in moving the needle when it comes to diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. We love to share our journey and what we’ve learnt so far with like minded businesses.

Our teams are keen to assist you on your own journey, whether you’re only starting or you’ve made progress and are now looking for a robust ED&I conscious recruitment partner.

We foster an environment where the diversity of our people is viewed as a strength and everyone’s contribution is valued.

At Huntress, people have a deep sense of belonging to company culture, which they constantly shape through their feedback and initiatives. We apply the same attitude to diversify our hiring process and have implemented a strategy that builds on our purpose and vision.



Sharing our processes

We’re here to share our learnings and guide our clients through the process of moving forward with inclusion. We want you to achieve your business goals by the performance of your people.

Our extended offerings

  • Review job specifications to remove bias
  • Blind CVs
  • Defining salary in adverts
  • Panel interviewing
  • Assist with the onboarding for clients looking to hire a more diverse workforce

Our assured processes

  • Write gender-neutral job adverts to remove bias
  • Shortlist candidates based on their skills and cultural fit