We keep our promises

It’s tough trying to find a new job and going for interviews without your recruiters helping you and communicating with you when they said they would. We want to make sure that you get the service you deserve so we have created our 3 point Service Promise for all our candidates.

Our Candidate 3 Point Service Promise

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During the registration process

You will have a detailed face to face interview (or a Skype call if you are unable to come to our offices) to allow us to understand you and your career plans. Even if we are unable to help you at this stage, we will still offer you career advice and support.

While you are job hunting

We will speak to an agreed number of employers on your behalf within the first 5 days of you registering and immediately add you to our central database to ensure all our teams are able to contact you with great opportunities.

Staying in touch

We will contact you at least once a month until we have found you a new position or you have found one yourself.


All that we ask from you is you provide us with feedback on our service via our online feedback system and you keep us updated on your job search.

Find out more about our registration process at Huntress or contact your local Huntress team for more information.

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