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25 May 2017 · by Huntress What It's Like to Work in Recruitment

Recruiters like to think of themselves as a team of problem solvers; pairing skilled jobseekers with enthusiastic employers, creating the perfect match time and time again...

But there’s a lot more to it than that!

Recruitment is a very driven career path, with targets to hit and a great opportunity for people entering the workplace at entry level, or for people who want a change of career with great prospects. Recruitment as an industry is growing and in 2016 it was worth more to the UK economy than ever before.

Keep reading to find out what it’s like to work in this growing industry!

  • Variety
    Every day in recruitment is different and the pace is fast! From liaising with dozens of people and writing jobs adverts, to sourcing the perfect candidates and following up on interviews, recruitment will keep you on your toes. And if you don’t want to be stuck at your desk that’s not a problem either. Spend time attending client meetings, leaving marketing materials at client offices and registering candidates. This is a job where you will definitely be intellectually engaged, and you certainly won’t be bored!
  • Money
    Companies within the recruitment industry typically offer a reasonable base salary with generous commission structures on top, plus several monthly and quarterly incentives and benefits. If you’re new to recruitment, realistically it may take you a couple of months to hone your technique, so as an average your OTE should be around £30k+ in the first year. Once you get into the swing of a fast-paced sales environment it can be incredibly lucrative and could see you earning over £50k for year two and even more in year three!  Hit your targets and you will find the only way is up in recruitment.
  • Career
    Recruitment isn’t just a job, it’s a career! It offers you fast career progression with so much variety along the way. You will be involved in a number of different tasks which will help you to transform your desk into an ever-growing portfolio of clients and candidates, and enable you to build a strong personal reputation. As your desk is your business you will be the one governing how it develops so you know that recruitment is a career which will grow as you do!
  • Challenging but rewarding
    Work hard, play hard; recruitment is an industry where your efforts are rewarded! Whether it’s through great commission, amazing prizes, trips abroad, a promotion or a lovely ‘thank you’ card from a candidate, you will definitely see the fruits of your labour. The harder you work the more likely it is to pay off big and quickly! So whilst it’s true this industry involves a lot of work and long hours, the pay off and sense of satisfaction are second to none.
  • Communication and relationships
    Recruitment requires a lot of communication, from face-to-face meetings to telephone conversations, if you are customer-focused and have the gift of the gab then this job is definitely for you. This industry requires you to build trust and strong relationships which will see the same clients and candidates returning to you time and time again. You never know; they might even become your friends outside of work!

If recruitment sounds like a career you would like to know more about, why not have a read of our Work For Us pages – or give our Talent Acquisition team a call on 020 7744 1323 with any questions you have and to find out about our current vacancies to join Huntress as a recruiter.