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04 July 2018 · by Huntress Want to get to the quarter finals of the recruitment process?

As most of the nation was glued to their televisions last night, we couldn’t help but make the comparison between the world cup and recruitment, especially where England is involved! No-one can deny the passion and devotion of England’s fans, nor can they help getting involved in the office sweepstake and speculating on who will get through what round (even if football isn’t your thing).

With this in mind we thought we would write a small piece about how Huntress can get you through to your quarter finals. 

The Qualifiers - Registration round, you meet Huntress.
The Quarter finals - Like England, you might have missed the mark on a few occasions, however, with the right attitude and determination Huntress can coach you all the way from qualifiers to the finals. 

Whether it’s football or an interview for a FTSE250 company, you can’t deny that practice does indeed make perfect and we take that very seriously. This is why, we have developed our Candidate Promise.  

The foundation of our all-star coaching lies in our commitment to meeting all our players face-to-face and giving them key pointers in preparation for match day. 

So here’s what a Huntress prep session includes:

  1. 1. Company breakdown: Your consultant will talk through the company structure, culture and expectations so you know exactly where your position is on the pitch.
  2. 2. Interview strategy: We will give you keywords and phrases that will score you major points with your interviewer.
  3. 3. Danger zones: You will learn all about common pitfalls and how to steer clear of them – best leave your salary negotiations to your consultant!
  4. 4. All-time classics: We’ll run though all the typical interview questions such as strengths and weaknesses.
  5. 5. Etiquette brush-up: Your consultant will go through things like punctuality and dress code.
  6. 6. Quality questions: We’ll help you decide on 3-5 good questions to ask the interviewer which will set you apart from the competition.

After the interviews, we will go through your feedback, ensuring we understand exactly what was asked and how you felt about it. 

So give your local branch a call now and get yourself to the quarter finals. And you never know, with our help and coaching, you could make the final!