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25 December 2017 · by Vikki Argent & Alex Green Swap Your Job in Retail Sales for a Career in Recruitment

Feel like you’re stuck in Retail Sales with little or no progression? Did you know you can easily make the transition from retail into recruitment without any prior experience?

Alexandra Green, our latest arrival from the world of retail, talks about her new role and how she successfully transferred her skills to become one of our top billing rookie consultants.

Give us a brief overview of your background before Huntress:

I did a degree in Criminal Justice and then after university had various administrative roles, following which I worked as a freelance make-up artist and retail assistant to supplement my income. I’ve had a varied career background!

How did you get into recruitment?

I actually applied for one of Huntress’s office support roles and when I came in to register, I started talking to my consultant about working in recruitment. I quickly realised that not only could I use and further develop my existing skillset but the earning potential was much greater! What really sealed the deal though was that I’d finally have my weekends back! The rest is history; I left retail and have never looked back since.

How do you find your previous experience helps you in your current role as a recruiter?

I work within the office support division, placing candidates in permanent roles, so my retail and customer service background have really helped me develop the confidence and communication skills I need when talking to clients and candidates. Retail taught me to work to specific targets and never give up. I’ve learned to push myself to make the sale which keeps me motivated and focused, ensuring I never have the same old boring day. Aside from individual goals, we also have team bonuses which help bring the team closer creating a tight-knit environment that thrives on banter and loads of chocolate! On a typical day, I ring up a number of clients and candidates, reply to job applications or head down to meetings. Days are really varied here and there is always something new and exciting to do!

What’s been your best moment at Huntress so far?

My top moment at Huntress was going on an incentive activity after winning top perm rookie after my first quarter! This was a target I said I wanted to achieve at my promotion presentation so for me this was a personal achievement as well as a professional one. Also seeing Chris Leeson, our CEO, on the karaoke in a wig singing with a bunch of us will always be something I will never forget.

What would your top tip be for someone coming into recruitment?

My top tip for anyone coming into recruitment is to not be afraid to ask questions, learn from experienced consultants, be fierce on the phones and strive towards your KPIs – its all about activity and even when it feels like nothing is working out, your perseverance will eventually be rewarded! Just have faith!

If you'd like to learn more about a recruitment career with Huntress get in touch with our Vikki, our Talent Acquisition Manager, at or click through to our career progression and benefits page