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31 August 2017 · by Eva Koukouraki #ShareHuntress Competition!

Summer might be coming to an end but we’re all excited here at Huntress!

4 September will see the beginning of our 4 week #ShareHuntress competition on Twitter. Our amazing consultants and their teams will be sharing photos of their daily life at Huntress to ‘share’ what it’s like to work with us for a chance to win a handpicked goodie box from one of our directors.

Consultants will have to post a minimum of 3 photos per week to be eligible and the one with the most likes over the five-day period will win.

The competition starts each Monday and ends on the Friday at 2pm. There will be 4 winners in total over the 4 week period. Routine is not our style so each week we will have a different director putting together an exciting new goodie bag! The first one up is our CEO Chris who will be handing his over on 8 September!

It’s up to you to help your favourite consultant and team win by liking their photos! All you need to do is search for #ShareHuntress on Twitter and hit that <3 button!

Every like counts so don’t be shy! #ShareHuntress now and see what working in recruitment is like! :)

Want to help us #ShareHuntress?

If you like what you see, go ahead and retweet! Help us spread the word and show the world what a great working environment and team spirit look like!

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