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12 May 2017 · by James Kapadia Securing the Best Employees in Exeter

Exeter is celebrating its 13th anniversary! One team member, Jo Ryder, has been with the team from the very first day, while between the team we have over 60 years of experience between us (and no, we’re not that old) – I think it’s fair to say, we’ve seen the market’s highs and lows.

It’s interesting to see the employment stats in Exeter (according to the Local Government Association website) show a slow decrease in unemployment, so we must be finding great candidates to join businesses?

In reality, we are seeing the top talent for our office support and finance roles being snapped up quicker than ever. We have had three clients recently who have seen their first choice candidates accept jobs elsewhere, because the candidate cannot keep other companies waiting for over a week while they attend more interviews – after all, what message would that send the company who has already made an employment offer?

“Could you please wait a week for me to make my decision, while I attend interviews for the job I REALLY want?”

So what can we do as employers to minimise the risk of losing the top candidates to competitor employers?

Set the scene...

“We’re overly busy now. We need a new person to join our team to take away some of the pressure, however, we’re too busy to spend time interviewing.” – This will be a regular thought or conversation that will take place throughout companies in Exeter (and maybe all over the world!), which stalls the interview process, resulting in losing the best candidates.

A recruitment process may look something like this:

  • Building a job spec / profile
  • Advertising / engaging with an agency
  • CV selection
  • Interviews
  • Decision making process
  • Job Offer

Relatively straight forward, although in reality, it is genuinely time consuming! Three pieces of advice that we as recruitment specialists can offer are below:

  • Keep the whole process to within a two week time span 
    The candidate who applies today will be gone in a fortnight! Okay, maybe not always the case, but this is becoming more and more a reality, especially in Exeter where we have a skill shortage.
  • Set aside time in your diary from the very start, for each stage of the process and commit to that time
    This is all geared towards ensuring the process keeps moving forward. As soon as the process stalls, the time already invested could become “lost time” if that candidate accepts a job elsewhere.
  • Look for “the 80% fit”
    Don’t look for the perfect CV. Sounds odd right? But if the candidate ticks every single box from the start, then what areas are there for that person to develop further? In turn, how motivated will they become if they become stagnant? Or, how long will it be before they leave?

At Huntress, we’re here to advise, consult and really add value. We take pride in our Customer Service Promise and care about finding you a new colleague to either help out on temporary assignments, or someone who will be with you for years to come.

If you’d like to talk to the Huntress team in Exeter, we’d welcome the call on 01392 221300.