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11 January 2022 · by Huntress New Year, new you? Why now is the best time to start your job search

Many of us start the New Year with good intentions and a list of resolutions for the year ahead. For some of us that means upping our exercise regime or successfully eating healthy again after weeks of over-indulging, but for others it may mean reconsidering whether your current role gives you the satisfaction it used to. If the answer is no, it may be time to start your job search. 

For jobseekers, the first two months of the year is a great time to be applying and interviewing for a new job. Not only will you feel more mentally and emotionally ready to get yourself back on the jobs market, but new hiring budgets will come into force for many businesses and most people are back at work, so the hiring activity that was delayed in November and December, can now move forward. 

So, with the start of the New Year being one of the best times to change roles, we have listed below the top reasons why now is the time to make your move if you are considering a new position. 

Businesses have new budgets in place 

The new fiscal year means that for most employers, new budgets will be in place and there is more money to work with. You will also find there are a lot more opportunities available, not only to fill gaps where people have moved on to other employers, but also to create new roles. Businesses will review their objectives and goals for the year ahead and will identify areas where new roles can be created where there are skills gaps. 

Whilst a new job in a recently created role may seem daunting, it also presents a great opportunity to really shape the role into your own and make an impact from day one.  

Your motivation is at a record high 

A New Year means a fresh start in some way or another for many of us. It’s a great time to take advantage of your high level of motivation and start putting in the effort to change your career. Although job hunting can seem like a time-consuming task, try not to put it off as you may put yourself at risk of procrastination or getting too busy to want to fit in job searching. 

Decision makers are back in the office  

Like many of us, hiring managers tend to take time off during the festive period, which can often mean the recruitment process, including applications and interviews are usually put on hold till the New Year.  

However, as soon as January hits activity levels return to normal, and decision-makers will typically have more availability and be ready to start up the hiring process again.  

Like you, many others are considering a move too 

January is the month employees are most likely to think about changing jobs, with almost one in five (18%) citing this as the most popular month to make a move, according to a survey by Glassdoor. 

So, if you are considering a new role, it’s very likely that many others are too, use this to your advantage when job searching!  

As other individuals make their career move, this opens up opportunities that may just be what you are looking for. So, don’t give up. The perfect job is out there for you, you just have to find it! 

Keep an eye on any relevant online groups or forums for jobs that may be of interest to you and actively register for job alerts so that you are notified as soon as a job is available. 

Whilst the thought of looking for a new role might leave you wanting to put it off for a few months, now really is the best time to start your job search. So, get ahead of the competition and use the New Year to prioritise your career and land yourself your dream job. 

At Huntress, we work with a large number of businesses who are actively looking to grow their teams and kick-start their year with the best talent. If you need help with your job search, we have a team of dedicated consultants who are on-hand to help. Click here to get in touch with a member of the team.