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03 August 2017 · by Jo and Katie My Huntress: Jo and Katie talk about Job Sharing

Working at Huntress has many benefits, but work-life balance is something we truly value in recruitment. For this reason, we offer job sharing as a career option. For some, this might be a new concept but at Huntress we have been offering job sharing since 2013. So what is job sharing? Well, it’s exactly what the word describes – it is a single job shared by two individuals working three days each, over a full week.

Now you might be wondering what the difference between part-time and job sharing is. The main and most important difference is that job sharing is a full time job, shared with a colleague. This means shared responsibilities; if your partner doesn’t pull their weight, you’re both in trouble. Job sharing also means that you share the same rewards, benefits and career progression as your partner, which is often not the case with a part-time role. Together you are a ‘single’ employee andcan be promoted, earn a bonus or go on one of our amazing incentives!  

But enough with the theory… If you really want to know what job sharing at Huntress is like, then read Jo and Katie’s interview below. They have been successfully job sharing with us since 2012!

1. Can you give us a quick overview of your background, experience and how you got into recruitment?

Mine and Katie’s joint recruitment experience totals over 30 years! I joined Huntress Exeter in 2004 and Katie joined in 2000 working in the Croydon office until 2006. After some time working abroad and in specialist recruitment Katie couldn’t stay away and returned to Huntress in 2012, this time in Exeter! After a short spell running separate desks it became apparent that we would be stronger working a joint desk and working as a job share.

2. Tell us a bit about your team and any specialisms within the team?

Katie and I manage the office support temporary desk, supported by Naomi. In our wider team we have 4 other consultants and our Manager, James, who cover permanent office support as well as accountancy and finance.

3. What is your favourite thing about job sharing at Huntress?

Job sharing is the ultimate team working experience! Working towards a joint goal with a strong work ethic brings out the best in us! We have a strong sense of obligation towards each other; you never want to let the other one down plus your candidates and clients see the benefit of having two points of contact. We have a very similar outlook and high standards and find that if there is a situation or a vacancy that one of us is struggling with, the other will have the answer- basically two heads are better than one!

4. Is there a typical daily routine for you?

Like any job in recruitment, routine is unusual! However, we both have the same focus on high levels of service, so any vacancies and leads are always top priority. We have our own target clients but obviously work together to ensure that our paying clients receive the best level of service.

5. What motivates you to hit your targets and what is your top tip for anyone who isn’t sure about recruitment?

We both feel really proud to work for Huntress and our position in the local market place is extremely important to us. Wanting to give the best service you can to candidates and clients and feeling like you have made a difference to someone’s career progression or a company’s growth is a big motivation.

6. What is the biggest challenge you have faced while job sharing and how did you overcome it?

When we first started our job share we weren’t sure how it would be received by our clients but we needn’t have worried. Clients actually benefit from having two points of contact to reach out to plus so many of our recruitment contacts work part-time or in different work patterns it often opens up a conversation point.

7. Where do you see yourself in your future career at Huntress and what advice have you been given by your team or throughout the company to help achieve your goals?

We still love recruitment and it is never without its challenges! At this stage our goal is to continue to grow the desk to contribute to the success of the Exeter team by winning more company trips away!

8. Finally – What is the most important piece of advice you could give anyone looking to get into recruitment?

Be honest and open with candidates and clients and your team! Be sure you enjoy working in a competitive environment, with a busy workload and not afraid to work under pressure before you consider a role in recruitment!

Working is sales means being ambitious, passionate and determined. Here at Huntress we offer you the opportunity to have fulfilling professional life while reaping the benefits of working fewer hours. Job sharing means that you are eligible for commission, bonuses, incentives and all the wonderful perks of being a consultant without scarifying your personal life.

Want to learn more about how to succeed in recruitment? Then read about Josh’s experience of working in recruitment and how our star Rookie was promoted to Principal Consultant in just 1 year. If you are interested in a career with Huntress, send us your CV or call us at 020 7744 1300. Want to learn more about developing a career with Huntress? Then follow this link to our Join Us page.