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13 July 2017 · by Eva Koukouraki Huntress Volunteers with EiA to Offer Students Career Advice

Following the success of last year’s programme, Huntress have partnered up again with Lambeth College and Evelyn Grace Academy to give students insight into the world of career options and business at an earlier stage in their education.

For the last 4 years Entrepreneurs in Action (EiA) delivered an alternative to traditional work experience for year ten students and this year we are volunteering to offer career advice.

Last year, Huntress volunteered for the CV and Interview feedback sessions but this year we are getting involved early! We will be taking part in the morning ‘Career Hubs’ session where seven of our people will share their expertise and talk about their career with the students.  

From previous events, EiA have found that 100% of tstudents who attended had an increased understanding of Business and Enterprise and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, while 98.4% of the students feel they have a better understanding of their future career options.

We feel that our input can really make a difference and we are very proud to be volunteering this year as well!

The event is due to take place on Friday 14th July 2017, 9.00am to 12.00pm.