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11 April 2017 · by Chris Leeson Huntress Business Update

After our quarterly business presentation last week, it was clear that Huntress has come a long way in the past year and with that in mind I thought it was only right that we shout about it! I’m told successful blog posts should “get to straight to the point”. That shouldn’t be a problem! In the last 12 months at Huntress we have achieved:

  • 81 promotions
  • Opened 5 new regional branches (and closed 1)
  • Rolled out a market leading CRM system
  • Launched our ambitious Customer Service Promise – If you’re not happy, don’t pay!
  • Improved and changed the company commission scheme
  • Launched our new website and branding in January 2017
  • Relocated all our teams in London to the amazing Aldwych House – Roof terrace still in progress after storm Doris blew the scaffolding off the roof…
  • Overhauled our entire training and development offering from trainee to director level
  • Hired 96 new members of our team across the UK
  • Taken our top performers to Amsterdam, Paris, Ascot, Nobu and next up Brussels

There is so much to feel proud about but as we all know, if you stand still, you’ll get left behind!

At Huntress we have so much energy and ambition to continue to grow as a business, open more offices, become more specialised in what we do and continue to be obsessed by offering the highest levels of service to our customers.

In the future I plan to provide a brief update on our future plans and achievements at least once a quarter so I hope you find the content relevant and… straight to the point.

If you have any questions about Huntress or want to be part of our amazing team, call me on my mobile, 07717704216!

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