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26 July 2017 · by Eva Koukouraki How to Induct a New Employee to your Team

Increasing employee engagement can be challenging at times, however, having an onboarding programme is the first step to increased productivity, staff retention and overall wellbeing. New hires need to be inducted properly to ensure that they have a clear understanding of their job requirements, key relationships within the company and team dynamics as this will enable them to better integrate into the team.

How to Onboard Permenanent Staff members

Inducting a member of staff might seem like a straightforward process, however, there are some key areas which need to be considered. Below we cover some of the most important issues which should be addressed when onboarding new staff members.

  • New hires should be given an induction that helps them understand the company they have just joined and its staff policies and ensures they feel welcome and part of the team. They should receive the training necessary to complete their job safely and professionally.
  • Managers should actively promote an ‘inclusive culture’ by ensuring current members of staff treat new staff equally and fairly. They should be included in company events and social activities to help them integrate quickly and effectively.
  • Line mangers should develop a good working relationship with new starters to help them achieve their full potential by setting achievable daily and weekly targets. The necessary catch-up chats and more formal appraisals also need to take place to ensure both parties are satisfied.
  • Company culture should be clearly communicated through the organisational narrative and new starters should fully understand the value their work adds to their team as well as how they help the company achieve its overall business goals.
  • New recruits can offer valuable input at an operational level. Coming from a different company, with a fresh view, their suggestions should be heard and considered as they could offer valuable insights on how to improve processes or make them more efficient.

Is Onboarding Temporary Workers Important?

The answer is yes, absolutely yes! Inducting temporary workers can present its own unique challenges as there are greater time-constraints and more pressure to be productive quickly, however, it remains relevant as ever.

As with permanent staff, you want to ensure that they too reach their maximum potential and are as productive as possible. Unfortunately, more often than not, properly onboarding temporary staff is sacrificed for the sake of time saving. Skipping onboarding could potentially cause friction between permanent and temporary staff, where different working styles and processes overlap or clash. In some cases, staff might even feel that their work is threatened. This imbalanced team dynamic can hinder productivity in more ways than one.

It is your responsibility as manager and team leader to ensure that everyone understands the new team dynamic and your existing staff can work well with the temporary additions to the team.

Whether you are an experienced HR manager or a small-business owner, creating a welcoming and inclusive culture where employees feel valued should be a priority. Evidence suggests that employees respond better to recognition within the work environment than they do to external rewards. In fact, according to Deloitte, “high-recognition companies have a 31% lower turnover rate” so ensuring your new starters feel engaged and included will have a direct effect on your staff retention.

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