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23 May 2016 · by Huntress Corporate Dress - What Does it Actually Mean?

You’ve dressed up smart for your interview, secured the job or successfully registered with a temporary work agency and you’ve received your job offer. You note the dress code reads ‘corporate dress’ – but what does that actually mean?

There seems to be a common misconception that corporate dress and business dress are one and the same, but there is a difference. Please see our guide below of what to and what not to wear when you’re asked to dress corporately.

What to wear:

  • Tailored trouser or skirt suits 
  • Suit jackets (and ties, if you are a male) for client-facing areas of the office 
  • Skirts should ideally be knee length or longer
  • Shirts or blouses with buttons and a collar 
  • It’s best to choose neutral, block colours as these look smarter
  • Closed toe smart shoes or high heels
  • Tidy hair which is neatly styled and kept off of your face
  • It seems pretty obvious, but you should always have well-groomed clean nails
  • Accessorise sensibly, in keeping with your attire

What not to wear: 

  • Creased or poorly fitting clothing can make you look untidy
  • Avoid items that are revealing or tight
  • Trousers which are either too short or too long
  • Clothing with dominant branding or anything that could be offensive or rude
  • Trainers, sandals, boots or scuffed shoes
  • Garish make-up, hair colours or nail polish
  • Wet, dirty or messy hair

Now you know how to dress the best for a corporate environment, apply for a new corporate job now, or contact us to take advantage of our temp web café.