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12 April 2017 · by Laura Smith A Day in the Life of a Recruitment Consultant

Ever wondered what it’s like being a recruitment consultant?

We will be interviewing people at different levels of the business to give you an insight to their teams and Huntress as an employer! Our superstar Josh Keeley from the IT team in London tells us about his experience so far…


Can you give us a quick overview of your background, experience and how you got into recruitment:

I spent 6 years as a Royal Marine before leaving to become an IT Network Engineer. An employee at Huntress is a family friend; she explained that Huntress was looking to employ Associate Consultants within the IT team and I decided to go for it. Having the technical background has really helped when speaking to both candidates and clients. I am now at Senior Consultant level of the career pathway.


Tell us a bit about your team and any specialisms within the team:

I specialise in Infrastructure & IT Support, there are 5 of us within the team working across contract and permanent positions. We recruit for roles such as Service Desk Analyst, 2nd Line Support and Infrastructure Engineer. We also have a development team, specialising in C#/ASP.Net programming, Front End and UX/UI.


What is your favourite thing about being a recruiter at Huntress?

Being a recruiter at Huntress gives you a real varied working environment. One day you can be out of the office all day on client meetings, the next you can be at one of London’s top law firms hosting an Employment Law Seminar.

At Huntress we are well rewarded for hard work, showing integrity and being successful, I have won a few of the quarterly business incentives including a trip to Amsterdam and a few days out in London. It doesn’t come easy though; don’t be surprised to be working at 9pm on a Sunday night to arrange interviews for the Monday morning! The look on the candidate’s faces when you tell them they have a new job they dreamed of is all worth it.

Enjoying a quarterly incentive at Momo's in London!
Enjoying the 2016 Q4 incentive at Momo's London


Is there a typical daily routine for you?

My team and I always plan our days the evening before, according to the balance of our business. Your desk is treated as your own business and you prioritise how you feel necessary. For example, when I have a high volume of jobs to fill I will adjust my day to ensure I have enough time to resource and speak/meet suitable candidates.


What motivates you to hit your targets and what is your top tip for anyone who isn’t sure about recruitment?

I would be lying if I didn’t say recruitment is hard work.

I am motivated by personal and professional goals, we all need a reason to get out of bed early and leave the office later than others. My personal goal at present is to save enough money to move from my flat to a house and relocate closer to London.

Knowing there are other consultants in other agencies potentially working on the same vacancies, I need to work harder and smarter to beat the competition. If you have an innate need to win, you will succeed in recruitment.


What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your recruitment career and how did you overcome it?

Recruitment isn’t like most other jobs; you need to be flexible and adaptable to understand there are many factors out of your control. For example you might have a job offer for a candidate who has 3 other offers, how do you show the candidate that your offer is the best suited for them, while providing a great service to your client?

You will make mistakes, but more importantly you have to learn very quickly from them otherwise you won’t be in recruitment for very long – Black box thinking.


Where do you see yourself in your future career at Huntress and what advice have you been given by your team or throughout the company to help achieve your goals?

My plan for the future is to become the Manager of the Infrastructure & IT Support team. The wider teams throughout Huntress are very supportive with career advice, everybody has time for you.

Huntress offer a very clear career path, I was promoted 2 times in my first 10 months and set a new company record for fastest promotion! We have a meritocratic environment where success is rewarded, with no restrictions.


Finally – What is the most important piece of advice you could give anyone looking to get into recruitment?

For anyone looking to get into recruitment, I would advise that you make sure you find the right team. Recruitment is very competitive, if you are good at sales and have a genuine persona, you won’t be short of offers from agencies. That is why finding the right team fit is so important, you will spend a lot of time with those guys, lots of ups and downs.

You also need the right company, with an environment that supports your career goals. Too often you find recruiters CVs with no stability, quite ironic when we are meant to be career experts!

IT Team at the Huntress Christmas Party
My amazing team at the Huntress Christmas Party!


If you would like any further information about recruitment as a career, why not get in touch with our Talent Acquisition team or have a look around the Work for Us section of the website.

Could you be the next Josh setting records within the company?