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29 April 2016 · by Huntress 8 Benefits of Hiring a temporary Employee

Whilst hiring temporary staff isn’t an option for all businesses, it does help boost productivity, enable you to effectively manage your workload and oversee the running of upcoming projects. You may choose to hire your own temporary staff but there are also a number of benefits associated with hiring a temporary employee via a recruitment agency: 

1. Quick delivery and hiring times 
Temp workers are often open to flexible working arrangements, meaning that in urgent situations you can have a temp with you on the same day you request one. For example, Huntress can get someone to you within the hour.

Hiring temporary staff is often quicker, as interviews don’t need to be as in-depth as they would be for hiring permanent employees – if you decide to hold any interviews at all! Therefore you won’t have to invest hours getting the additional help you require. What’s more, recruitment agencies can source and vet your temporary staff for you, making hiring even faster and easier for you. 

2. Eliminating uncertainty 
There may be many reasons why employers are uncertain about their staffing requirements; from being unsure about having the costs signed off, to not knowing if there’s enough work available for a new role. Employers may be hesitant if they are unaware of how the company is performing or when an absent employee might return to work.

Hiring temporary works can help ease your uncertainly and your workload quickly, permitting you to test the waters before committing to any major changes. This also applies if you haven’t been entirely convinced that the employee will be quite right for your business on a permanent basis. 

3. Efficiency 
As temporary workers are usually working on specific projects, they won’t be bogged down by the everyday duties of their permanent counterparts. This means you can hire someone with a particular skillset you require for a short amount of time, or receive the peace of mind you need knowing that the work is being focused on without external interruptions.
Although you may need to spend more time explaining certain tasks or procedures, temp workers like to make a positive and lasting impression so they are likely to go out of their way to astound you with their hard work! What’s more, if it turns out that you really like your temp then you can offer them a permanent position, saving you time scanning through CVs, holding interviews and waiting for notice periods to end. 

4. Saving costs 
There are a number of saved costs as a result of hiring temporary staff. These may include benefits and training your company have which are only available to permanent staff, reduced time in finding and securing new staff, and only paying for an employee when you actually need them. 

If you choose to work with a recruitment agency, hiring temps may work out cheaper for you overall as it means you have access to their pool of temporary staff, their recruitment expertise and interviewing knowledge, reducing the strain on your internal hiring managers. Plus, if you work exclusively with a recruitment agency you will likely be offered a discount on the fees. Find out more by clicking here

5. Covering maternity or paternity leave, or absence due to illness, disability, extended annual leave, or sudden departure of a permanent employee 
Hiring temporary or contract employees is the ideal way for tasks to continue being completed, even if the permanent employee they are covering is away for a prolonged period or has left the business suddenly. Temporary or contract staff can be employed quickly to cover a certain timeframe or be put in place until more fixed decisions have been made. Either way, temporary cover means you won’t be caught short! 

6. Flexibility 
Temporary work offers flexibility to both employers and employees. Employers may have unexpected busy times or specific projects or campaigns which require additional resources, or they may be unsure if there is enough room to fill a role on a permanent basis. It’s an excellent way for employers to gain more insight into their own requirements without the need to commit to anything on a permanent basis. 

Plus, for temporary workers it may be the perfect opportunity to see if a certain type of job or industry is for them, and it could allow them the flexibility they need to work around their personal life. It really is a win-win situation! 

7. No office politics 
As much as we would all like to get along with each other, conflicts of personality and interests do occur in the workplace. The bonus is, temporary workers don’t know who doesn’t like whom, nor any issues the company is facing, or any other office politics for that matter. Therefore they won’t have any preconceived negativity about working with certain people or teams - they’re just there to get the work done. 

8. Payroll and compliance don’t have to be burden 
Huntress can provide you with payroll support and staff compliance for all of your temporary workers and interns– even if you hired them directly yourself. Our payroll services mean that you won’t have to worry about being up-to-date with employment laws and compliance, or have to endure the burden of recruitment administration because we’ve got you covered! And as we pay your staff for you, you don’t need to add them to your payroll. Instead, you’ll receive one consolidated invoice, making it easier for your accounts team to manage the costs. Contact us to find out more.