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20 January 2016 · by Beatriz Bailey 7 Reasons You Should Quit Your Job

We all have ups and downs in our jobs and days when we wish we were somewhere else doing something completely different. Most people still enjoy their jobs for the most part despite these lows, but if you’re experiencing one or more of the following situations all too often, it’s a clear sign that it’s time to move on and find another job. 

1. You’re bored 
If you find yourself arranging your folders by colour, your pencils by size and staring out of the window for long periods of time, you’re clearly bored and/or have way too much time on your hands... When our jobs don’t challenge us enough, we become disengaged, uninterested and it can make us downright lazy. It’s never a great career move to stay in a role that isn’t inspiring, as it won’t give you the experience you need when you do move to another business. It could also mean that your company doesn’t actually have enough work to keep you busy, so the risk is that the role may become redundant when they review their workforce contributions. 

2. You’re undervalued 
We all need a certain amount of recognition in our job to feel like their work is valued. But when your bosses or colleagues take what you do for granted and don’t acknowledge your efforts at work, that can be a pretty demoralising space to be in. In fact, if you stay in a role where you are undervalued for too long, you can start to doubt your own abilities and stop believing in yourself, which will invariably end up affecting your performance. You should never stay in a job where you aren’t valued for what you do – everyone deserves to be recognised no matter what level of work you do and if your company doesn’t think that way, you need to find one that does, pronto. 

3. You’re underpaid 
It’s OK to accept a role that pays less than the going rate or a lower salary than you would expect at first so long as you can see there is room for progression or a pay rise once you have proved yourself in your job. Make sure you agree the goals or targets you need to reach with your employer beforehand. However, if you meet those goals or you see that for no clear reason why you are being paid less than either colleagues who carry out the same work as you or similar jobs in your industry, then it’s time to speak up. You should raise your concerns about unfair pay with your manager and/or your HR department and if you don’t receive a satisfactory answer, you should think about leaving. 

4. You’re overworked 
Most departments and individuals will go through busier periods throughout the year or have an increased workload at certain peaks business times. This is acceptable and so long as teams have either additional resource to help during these busy periods or at least the knowledge that the extra work will be limited to a certain length of time. If this is not the case and excessive work is continually piled on, creating stress and an unsustainable work-life balance, then it’s time to look for a more balanced job that appreciates that you may want a life outside your office walls… 

5. You don’t get on with your work colleagues 
You’ve tried your hardest, you’ve even baked cakes and brought them in for your team but they still give you the stink eye every time you give your opinion or join in a conversation. Or your boss is consistently unimpressed with your ideas or criticises your work no matter how much effort you have put into each task. Sometimes people’s personalities clash and it’s nobody’s fault; you just aren’t meant to get on and that’s fine. However, working alongside people you’re not on the same wavelength with will make for an unproductive team and will affect your own productivity, especially if your work relies on their input. If you’ve tried your best and you still clash, it’s best to accept that it isn’t working and find a team where you get on like a house on fire. After all, we spend more time with our work colleagues that we often do with our family and friends – there’s a thought! 

6. You don’t fit in with the company culture 
Businesses, like people, have their own marked personalities. It’s what makes them unique and often what will draw people to want to work for them or stay well away. Some companies can have a very competitive nature and encourage rivalry amongst their staff, while others may value hard work and long hours or have a laid back approach to process. Whatever your company’s culture may be, it needs to be one you are comfortable with so it fits in with your lifestyle and your own personality. If you were seduced by a job or career prospects at a company but later discovered that you just aren’t the right cultural fit, don’t try and make it work if it doesn’t feel right – it will only make you feel unhappy and ultimately not deliver what your employer wants in its employees. Find an environment that suits you and you will thrive. 

7. There is nowhere to progress 
You love your job, your team are great, your boss tells you what a good job you’re doing and you feel on top of the world and ready for your next challenge at your company. Sadly there is no next step for you, nothing to work towards or push your abilities and experience. If you are ambitious and you want to move up the ladder within your existing business but no matter how many times you ask for a promotion your employer can’t offer you a path to do so, then you need to weigh whether you want to stay in your existing role indefinitely or proactively giving yourself a promotion by changing jobs. 

Whether it’s just one or a combination of these issues you are experiencing, you know deep down it’s time. So take a deep breath, research the market, register with a recruitment agency you trust, line up a great job offer and take the leap. The grass can be greener on the other side and no job is worth you sacrificing your happiness for. 

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