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21 October 2016 · by Laura Smith 5 Most Terrifying Things About Starting a New Job

Everyone gets that first day dread when starting a new job, sure you’re excited but there are a few things that are scaring the crap out of you at the same time…

1. Being late on your first day

You leave yourself plenty of time to get up, get ready and grab a coffee on your way in so that you arrive looking completely relaxed and ready for anything… Then there’s an unexpected train strike, or a crash on the motorway leaving you flustered and in a mad rush with 30 seconds to spare and scary frizzy hair after doing your best sleek professional styling. A quick loo-run, some hair pins and some deodorant to disguise the fact you’ve practically just run a 10k to get to the office on time should do the trick… 

2. Deciding where to eat lunch

That awkward moment when you have to venture outside and discover the world around you. Local café? Trendy pub? Supermarket sandwich meal deal? You could bring in your own lunch, but going anywhere near the unknown of the office fridge is always a risk, have a nosy at the mould levels before putting any of your favourite recipes nearby. If in doubt, Pret it out and avoid anything reeking of garlic unless you’re trying to warn off vampires. 

3. Deciding on what to wear

What the heck is business casual? Smart casual? Corporate dress… overdressed is always better than looking sloppy in comparison to your peers with their first day stares. Top Tip: avoid the clown-like make-up in a bid not to scare off your new colleagues, less is more. Take a look at our corporate dress blog for further tips. 

4. Remembering everyone’s names

Unless your new company has a fancy Intranet where you can sneakily search everyone’s name before having to call over to them, this could be tricky. ‘Oi’ generally isn’t accepted as an alternative and could get you some pretty deadly looks.

5. The first office social

Along with all of the above, it’s been a long first week, your brain is mush from information overload, and you have precisely 45 minutes before you turn into a zombie on a Friday evening. A few drinks ought to sort you right out… 27 G&T’s and 5 tequila shots later, you’re dancing all over the club, have lost your bag, and are stranded with a group of people you have only known a few days. You will figure out who your future work besties are quicker than your fairy godmother can turn a pumpkin into a carriage.