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23 October 2017 · by Vikki Argent 3 Things Being a Recruiter Involves and 3 Things it Definitely Doesn’t…

The recruitment industry is, unfortunately one of the most misunderstood sectors out there, with many of us thinking it is nothing more than salespeople trying to make infinite amounts of money in the time it takes Usain Bolt to run 100m. 

While there is no doubt recruitment is definitely a competitive target-driven sales role, we want to discuss certain common misconceptions about what we do and set the record straight! 

Let’s start off by dispelling 3 things that people think recruitment is (but it really isn’t…)

1.    It’s HR
More often than not, I find that people assume recruitment is a HR role. Even though there are a lot of similarities between the two, agency recruiters are primarily sales people whose job is to sell their services to companies.

2.    It’s an individual role
To a certain extent, recruitment is a ‘competitive sport’ and you need to be driven to succeed. However, not all recruitment agencies favour the ‘lone salesman’ approach; at Huntress, for example, we believe in building a strong team ethos where likeminded people work together to achieve similar goals. Developing your own business can be challenging but if you’re fully supported by your team and management throughout your career, then you’re more likely to do well.

3.    Recruiters are unethical
One bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole barrel when it comes to recruitment! Even though there is the odd horror story, not everyone condones unethical tactics in sales. Huntress is committed to offering an excellent ethical service all round which is why we developed our 3 point service promise for all our candidates and clients. 

So what is recruitment, you might wonder? Recruitment is… 

1.    A target driven sales role
The role of a recruitment consultant is above all a sales role. To succeed, you must enjoy working to targets; our consultants sell recruitment services daily both to candidates (jobseekers) and clients (employers) with the ultimate aim to create the perfect ‘match’. There is no ‘standard day’ in the life of a recruiter; you will be making business development calls, attending client meetings, registering candidates and arranging and preparing for interviews. You need to be resilient – the buzz of picking up a new job, finding the perfect candidate or closing a deal is amazing but there is also lots of rejection to deal with. Positivity, a strong work ethic and perseverance are key to a long-term rewarding career in recruitment.   

2.    A rewarding career with quick progression
Doing well in recruitment can be extremely rewarding financially. For example, at Huntress, we offer a competitive base salary alongside generous commission schemes and a team bonus; combined together, they all make for a rewarding first year in recruitment with average salaries for rookie recruiters at around £30k. Recruitment can also be tremendously satisfying on a personal level; you need to handle a variety of tasks daily, which gives you the opportunity develop your skillset extensively, while helping candidates find their perfect job. 
Huntress has a meritocratic company culture, where hard work and ambition are rewarded. We want our people to be promoted as soon as they’re ready, which is why we give our recruiters all of the tools and support they could ever need to succeed.

3.    Fun
Being a recruiter can be hard work and we are fully aware of it, being recruiters ourselves!  It’s the attitude of your employer that can really make a difference to your career in recruitment. We are proud of our people at Huntress and believe in recognising and taking care of our own, which is why we organise regular themed sales days, team nights out and quarterly incentives, including luxury activities and trips away as much as we can. We really do whatever it takes to make our employees feel valued and help you achieve their goals. We are very ambitious but we also know how to have fun together and share some laughs in the process.  

It’s safe to conclude that a career in recruitment is no Wolf of Wall Street fantasy but is still very much a competitive sales role with tremendous earning potential. 

For those, thinking about dipping their toe into this career option, you don’t necessarily need prior experience, but we want to know why you want a sales career and why you would want to work in recruitment. We always ask for examples where you’ve been competitive or smashed a target – this could be in a social, working, sporting or educational environment.

If you are ambitious, driven and are looking for a role where who you are matters more than your experience, then we would love to hear from you at or you can click through to find out more about our career progressions, training and development, benefits and interview process