A UniqueInterview process

All our successful applicants meet with us for a competency based interview, following the industry standard STAR technique, which you can learn more about below. We also build our interview questions around our Vision and Values because we are passionate about our culture and want you to be too.

Our interview process is designed to get the best out of you. As well as the standard 2-stage face-to-face interview process you would expect, we have a unique way of getting you to experience our culture and values first hand by asking you to try a ‘Work Sample’. This half day sees you sitting amongst our sales people, where you will hear and see what they do in a normal day. We will then give you a taste of the role by encouraging you to speak to our candidates and then pitching to clients.  

You will meet your potential Manager who will interview you via a strengths and competency-based interview and you can find out more about Huntress and the role.  It’s important that you spend time with your future team and our business before you know if we are the right choice for you.

If you think you have what it takes to join Huntress, send us your CV to start the application process now!

Learn the Star Technique

Interviews can be a nerve-wrecking experience for everyone. Even the most experienced workers may feel nervous, under pressure and unconfident in interview scenarios. When the pressure is on, it’s easy to accidentally respond to competency-based questions with unstructured, long-winded answers. A great way to avoid this is by using the STAR technique to respond to questions.

The STAR technique is formed of four areas your answers should cover; the Situation, Task, Activity and Result. Using these four words will allow you to form structured and considered responses, while avoiding the omission of important details.


What happened? Set the scene for your story about a situation which didn’t go quite to plan.

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What did you do? Tell the interviewer everything you did to rectify the situation.

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Explain how the situation related to your role, and what the objective was.

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What happened as a result of your actions?

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It's worth remembering

Firstly, when used correctly, the interviewer will be unaware that you are using the STAR technique or following a formula. Practice answering a few situations by researching common interview questions. This will help you feel more prepared when you are in an interview and you will be able to think of a larger range of relevant answers.

Secondly, when answering competency based questions, you may have more than one example. Try to choose the example that is most relevant to what is being asked. This may seem obvious, but it’s easy to think of an example which is the most impressive instead of an example which properly answers the question. Also, try to think of an example which is fairly recent so the interviewer understands that you know how to solve a problem and you are able to use your initiative.

Lastly, try to be specific when answering the question, including relevant numbers or company titles, and keep reminding yourself of the question the interviewer had asked you. Keep on topic, and if you find you are drifting from the point, move to the next step of the STAR formula.

Now you know how to answer interview questions like a star, apply for one of our jobs and put it into practice.

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