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Addressing gaps in your CV

24 Oct 2023 By Huntress

Addressing gaps in your CV is a common concern for candidates and as an experienced team of recruiters, we understand that it’s important to handle them in a way that demonstrates your value and adaptability to potential employers. 

This once was a taboo topic, and for many hiring managers a gap could be viewed as a red flag due to generational differences where professionals would typically work their way up the ladder without the likelihood of experiencing a career gap. However, in a post-covid, work-life balance-oriented world, most companies are now more accepting of seeing gaps in candidate CV’s and understand this can be due to reasons out of their control.

In this article we will be exploring how to approach gaps in your CV and how you can approach them in an interview setting.

We believe honesty is key

Be honest about the gaps in your CV. Lying or hiding information can damage your credibility, chances of securing a job and start a potential working relationship on a bad note.

Highlight Relevant Experience

If you were engaged in temporary or freelance work during a gap, include it on your CV, even if you feel it’s not completely relevant to the role you have applied for. These experiences can fill employment gaps and also show that you remained active and gained valuable skills.

Referrals from Temp Work

When you have completed temporary work, companies will be understanding of gaps so requesting references or referrals from your supervisors will help you to gain positive feedback that will vouch for your work ethic and skills.


If you’re currently experiencing a career break, try to fill it with temporary working opportunities. Leverage your professional network to find temporary or contract opportunities or click here to view our current temporary positions.  Personal connections can be a valuable resource for securing short-term work.

Freelancing or Self-employed work

If you have gaps due to freelancing or work you did for your own business, you should emphasise the skills and accomplishments from these projects and work you took on. This type of work can demonstrate your ability to adapt and take on more diverse projects.


Volunteering is always a nice to have for clients, so mention any volunteer work or pro bono projects that are relevant to your field. These experiences can be seen as valuable contributions to your community, can fill gaps and help you to align to the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility work.

Explain the Gap

In your cover letter or during interviews, you can briefly explain the reason for the gap without going into excessive detail. If you were pursuing personal development, caregiving, or addressing health issues, communicate this in a positive and confident manner.

Skill Development

If you were not employed during the gap, highlight any efforts you made to enhance your skills or education or if you are currently experiencing a career gap look out for online courses, webinar and qualifications you can do to enhance your skill set. 

Reconnect with Previous Employers

Reach out to former colleagues and employers who can provide referrals or temporary work opportunities based on your past performance. They can also help to keep an eye out for potential opportunities they come across in their network.

CV Gap Format

Use a functional or skills-based CV format if you want to focus on your qualifications and accomplishments rather than chronological work history. This can help de-emphasize employment gaps.

Work with our Consultants

If you’re struggling with gaps on you CV, consider talking to our team of Consultants, who can provide personalised guidance and support you to address your working situation/ needs. 

Remember that employers understand that life events and career transitions can lead to gaps in employment, so the key is to demonstrate how you remained productive, adaptable, and dedicated during those periods. If you are currently experiencing a career gap, coming to the end of a contract, or seeking assistance on your current job search contact our experienced teams of experts for further advice.